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想瞭解如何利用Honeypot的技術來偵測惡意程式的活動嗎?今年的會議邀請了來自Honeynet Project的專家Tan Kean Siong,深入的介紹如何運用誘捕技術來建立偵測的機制。

(資料來源 https://www.honeynet.org/node/1353)

The open source honeypot Dionaea supported SMB since long but lacked support for the recent WannaCry ransomware SMB vulnerability and the most recent Samba RCE vulnerability CVE 2017-7494 dubbed “SambaCry” wormable attacks. With the recent changes, both attack vectors are supported and respective samples caught in the wild.

Dionaea is a low interaction, server side honeypot which emulates a vulnerable system or device. Its ultimate goal is to gain a copy of the malware. It supports various protocols and network stacks e.g. SMB, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, MSSQL, MySQL, SIP (VOIP). Recently it also got support to emulate an IoT device, SmartTV or XBOX with the UPnP and MQTT protocols enabled. Dionaea was created back in the years of the Conficker worm, and yet its solid SMB network stack proved to be useful in 2017 for the WannaCry worm hunt across the Internet.


HoneyCon 2017 公開徵求講師

HoneyCon 2017,將於7月11日至7月12日於台北舉行,公開徵求HoneyCon 2017 以及 Workshop 講師,若您有意願分享以下等資安領域的議題,歡迎提出申請,主辦單位將在4月30日前回覆您。

HoneyCon 2017 will be held in Taipei from July 11 to July 12. If you have intend to share your research and good idea, welcome to apply this form. The program committee will reply your register before April 30.

【HoneyCon Topic】

誘捕系統/誘捕網路技術 (Honeypot/Honeynet Technology)

惡意程式分析 (Malware Analysis)

資訊安全資料分析 (Data Analysis)

事件處理與數位鑑識 (Incident Handling and Forensics)

弱點掃瞄與偵測 (Vulnerability scan and detection)

滲透測試與威脅分析 (Penetration test and threat analysis)

情資交換與分享 (Intelligence exchange and sharing)

網路攻防技術與威脅 (Network defense and threat)

HoneyCon 2017 Program Committee 議程委員會 敬上!

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